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Your Consultant is Steve and Jessica Varnes

My Story

A little about me and my family! My wife Jessica and I run our Scentsy business together. It is a passion of both of ours and we have really fallen in love with all the friends we have made through our Scentsy business. It isn't just consultants, it becomes a family to cherrish and help and cheer for one another. We live in Omaha, Ne.We are both from Illinois. I am a truck driver by trade with over 20 years in the seat and 3 million miles to show for it. My wife has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. We are a funloving couple that loves meeting new people and sharing our business.

I first found out about Scentsy in 2012 while helping my son move from one army base in Kansas to another base in Missouri. As we were about to leave for Missouri a friend of theirs asked us to stop by so she could say good bye. She had just received her starter kit. Only $99 to start my own business? I could not wait to get home and find out how I could do this business.I spent the first 2 years learning the business, now I can help others do the same things; learning from my own mistakes I can help others so they do not make those mistakes. It does not matter to me if I have 1 or 1000 team members, my goal is the same- to help them with the training and tools to help them build and grow their business.

My parents raised our family on direct sales businesses, so I know first hand that it can be done! All you have to do is put in the work. I lost my mother in June 2014 and so I want to honor her by helping others grow their business and helping them become financially successful as well.

Working together we can and will make dreams come true!